Temple Town Farms

We are the third generation of farmers from the Sahyadris. Our farm with the ancient temple in it encapsulates our brand name. Combining natural resources with global health awareness and time-honored sacrosanct practices, our products are handcrafted, ghee is made using bilona method, mustard seeds are handpicked, and plant manure is made in proper pits mixing the optimum minerals.


Welcome to Temple Town Farms

We provide pure Best Desi A2 Cow ghee with premium quality in India with a focus on three things, Homemade, Ayurvedic, and 100% Pure. We also serve Black Mustard Oil & Vermicompost fertilizers. Order Online Now!


Home Made


100% pure


I will highly recommend the product.

It has a nice aroma nd taste is also good.i will highly recommend it. Try it once.. U will definitely going to buy again.



What They Say About Us

The product quality is really nice!!The Product was nicely packed!! Plus it's made from cow's milk so it's really healthy and nutritious!!A must buy for every household

Arnav Mishra

Happy Customer

Temple town ghee is 100% pure and goods for health

Temple town ghee is 100% pure. I made poories sandwich,and burger tikki,and many more items,from this ghee it inhance the taste of food especially the aroma of ghee reminds u home's cooking.I made these items for my bakery shop .

Shikha pandey



Why Temple Town Farms?

We execute the concept of purity, traditional, Vedic, and get it in your home. Our ghee, oil, and plant manure is in tandem with mother nature’s optimum resources.

Right from the source- cow fodder, cow milk, curd churning, mustard seeds, mustard plant, vermicompost, reusable glass bottles Till the end product we are as pure as it gets.

How fresh is the Product

our ghee-making process starts before the sun rises in a clay pot and ends in the eco-friendly glass bottle after sunset.

We make our ghee in small batches to maintain freshness and avoid overburdening our farmers.

What's the USP of the mustard oil?

 Our SINGLE ORIGIN BLACK SEED mustard oil is unique because

– Seeds are hand chosen

– The land has been audited by the Indian government for 3 years, so the soil is pure, fertile, and soft which in turn gives the oil a sweet, nutty flavor without being pungent.

What is vermicompost?

Vermicompost is a plant manure made by earthworms. It takes 4 months to prepare the right blend. It works like nectar for plants, and trees. We use our compost for our farming as well.

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