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We are the third generation of farmers from the Sahyadris. Our farm with the ancient temple in it encapsulates our brand name. Combining natural resources with global health awareness and time-honored sacrosanct practices, our products are handcrafted, ghee is made using bilona method, mustard seeds are handpicked, and plant manure is made in proper pits mixing the optimum minerals.


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A2 Cow Ghee – 1Ltr


Cow ghee has been associated with divine light and brilliance in our Vedas. Temple Town Farms A2 Cow ghee is handcrafted from curd, using the traditional Bilona method. Our A2 cow ghee is made from freshly churned milk at dawn, which helps it retain a rich flavor profile. Prepared using Vedic practices, under the supervision of our experienced temple priests, this ghee is so pure that just a little serving is enough to add taste and deliver the sacrosanct aroma and texture associated with time-honored.

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1. Best Quality – Our premium and pure A2 cow ghee is made from hand-churned curd in a clay pot to retain its nutrients like vitamin A, E, D, and conjugated linoleic acid, making it ideal for cooking, sauteing, frying.

2. There are no additives, no preservatives, no binders, no fillers, no artificial insemination. Our ghee is holistically prepared with time tested processes monitored by the temple priest.

3. Our farm has been our childhood courtyard where the calves are fed before milking, the curd is churned in a predawn hour. Our ghee is a unique blend of scientific groundwork and biotic prudence.

4. Our ghee is certified [NABL approved] and has anti-inflammatory properties with butyric acid and other antioxidants present in it.

5. Our ghee is available in a glass mason jar.

Exquisitely hand-churned

Our artisan A2 ghee is a pure example of the labour of love as it is prepared by local farmers and curated by our temple priests who have painstakingly perfected the art of ghee making. Made in small batches, each product is entirely handcrafted. Just open the lid and take a whiff, and you will be reminded of the good old days.

Nutritious and wholesome

There’s more to great Ghee making than just flavour and aroma. Our A2 cow ghee is packed with rich nutrients like Vitamin A, E, D and conjugated linoleic acid, making it super good for your overall health. A2 ghee is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties, butyric acid and antioxidants, making it easy to blend into your diet so that you can have a healthy and delicious meal.

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