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We are the third generation of farmers from the Sahyadris. Our farm with the ancient temple in it encapsulates our brand name. Combining natural resources with global health awareness and time-honored sacrosanct practices, our products are handcrafted, ghee is made using bilona method, mustard seeds are handpicked, and plant manure is made in proper pits mixing the optimum minerals.


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Ajwain Honey – 350ml




Ajwain honey nectar comes from the flowers of the Ajwain tree. The tree is local and commonly found in arid regions of UP, MP, and Rajasthan.

Temple Town Farms Ajwain honey has a subtly sweet flavor with amber color and viscous texture.

Our Ajwain honey is a more natural and beneficial form of sugar than processed white sugar.

Ajwain honey helps to reduce acidity and indigestion; lowers the risk of heart disease and boosts the immune system and promotes overall good health and weight management.

The combination of pure honey and nectar collected from the Ajwain herb makes the honey naturally sweet in taste.

Ajwain is extensively grown in India hence, its availability is abundant. But the plant sure has a limited blooming period making time a crucial parameter for assuring quality and potency. Our harvesters place the bee boxes near blooming Ajwain fields so that the bees get the freshest nectar for their work, quickly. This honey is loaded with health benefits and has a strong flavor and a very aromatic fragrance. Ajwain Honey is a great way of bringing Ajwain back into your diet.


  • Ajwain is a powerful home remedy for gastric problems like stomach aches and indigestion
  • The gastric benefits also make it a great weight-loss agent
  • Ajwain honey is great for treating coughs and colds, sore throats, etc.
  • Ajwain amplifies honey’s anti-bacterial properties by several folds
  • It has been shown to be beneficial for Type 1 diabetics. Discuss its benefits with your doctor before including it in your diet.

The honey is still perfectly fine to eat to revert it back to its liquid form, all that’s required is the immersion of the honey jar in warm water for a few minutes.

  • Helps reduce acidity and indigestion – Ajwain honey has active enzymes called thymol, which helps in the secretion of gastric juices that reduce acidity and improve digestion. Add to this the anti-inflammatory properties of honey, and you have yourself a good option to get relief from gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Improves the condition of insomnia – Another major reason to buy Ajwain honey is that it helps in improving the condition of insomnia. It is one of those issues that not many people take seriously but later on, you may have to go through a lot of medication problems because of it. Ajwain promotes natural sleep and hence this becomes one of the best options to buy organic honey online.
  • Reduces cough and colds –Ajwain honey has multiple anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, which come in handy to tackle viruses and bacteria that cause coughs and colds. As a result, it should be definitely included in your diet in the winter season when the chances of catching a cold are the highest.
  • Prevents acid reflux – Ajwain honey, when consumed with lukewarm water, helps in the reduction of acid reflux, which aids in proper digestion. It also helps with colic, gastric troubles, and stomach aches.
  • Reduces acne scars – It helps reduce or fade away acne scars when used regularly. You can apply Ajwain honey on your skin on a regular basis to get the ideal results.
  • Promotes healthy hair – Buy Ajwain honey online from us if you are looking to improve the health of your hair. It helps in improving water retention in hair, which promotes healthy life and growth.
  • Treats toothaches and wounds – If you have any wounds or toothaches, then you should apply Ajwain honey on the affected area topically to alleviate the conditions. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of honey, it has a soothing effect on the affected area.

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