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We are the third generation of farmers from the Sahyadris. Our farm with the ancient temple in it encapsulates our brand name. Combining natural resources with global health awareness and time-honored sacrosanct practices, our products are handcrafted, ghee is made using bilona method, mustard seeds are handpicked, and plant manure is made in proper pits mixing the optimum minerals.


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Black Mustard Oil – 500 ml


  • Light and healthy that is easy to digest
  • Our Single Origin Pure Black Mustard Seed oil is traditionally pressed and extracted on a wooden chekku i.e.Lakdi Ghani machine. The extraction process is slow with zero heating @14-18RPM.
  • Our oil is naturally stabilized for clarity and then packed making it holistic, unfiltered, and unrefined.
  • Mustard oil is a vital part of ayurveda; it is used for cleansing, stimulating, and revitalizing the body. Our natural mustard oil is a perfect blend of external application and internal consumption like cooking, frying, and marination.
  • The seeds have a bold nutty flavor, which keeps your taste buds happy and the nutrients in it help your body stay healthy, both internally and externally.
  • The delicate warm aroma of our mustard oil gives a great aromatic essence to your dishes.
  • Our Pure Black mustard oil is packed in an eco-friendly premium glass bottle with a tamperproof, swing top/quill Feldt stopper, which makes it safe, functional, environment friendly, and aesthetically appealing, all at the same time.

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TEMPLE TOWN FARMS Black Mustard Oil is a good source of monounsaturated fatty acid with natural omega 3 (or alfa linolenic acid). Omega 3 is one of the essential fatty acids (EFA) which cannot be synthesized by the human body and must, therefore, be consumed from external sources.

It also contains the lowest saturated fatty acid amongst all edible oils.

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