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We are the third generation of farmers from the Sahyadris. Our farm with the ancient temple in it encapsulates our brand name. Combining natural resources with global health awareness and time-honored sacrosanct practices, our products are handcrafted, ghee is made using bilona method, mustard seeds are handpicked, and plant manure is made in proper pits mixing the optimum minerals.


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Cinnamon Powder 100gm


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Everyone from seasoned chefs to weeknight home cooks to aspiring foodies, cinnamon is a kitchen staple. It’s one of the tastiest spices around and is an important part of thousands of recipes (not to mention hot beverages in the winter!). What’s not to love?

Cinnamon Powder is a highly versatile spice that can be used in both savory dishes (like soups and stews) and sweet recipes, like pies, cookies, and even your breakfast oatmeal. There are four types of this popular spice, the most common one being cinnamon cassia, which is typically found in the supermarket store, especially in ground form. Ceylon cinnamon, another common variety, has a distinctive color and taste that sets it apart from the former.

• Deep, sweet, warm flavor and rich mahogany color
• Versatile spice for sweet and savory dishes
• Aged up to 15 years for rich flavor
• Premium quality for pure, superior flavor; never made with added fillers
• Non-GMO
• Sprinkle over morning oatmeal, French toast, or coffee
• Great for baked goods, including cookies, muffins, pies, and cinnamon rolls
• Add to sweet potatoes, chili, or spice rubs

If you are looking for “true cinnamon”. This is it. You’ll know Ceylon Cinnamon by its complex yet nuanced flavor. Ours is spicy in the true sense-but, with its 1 to 1.6% oil content, the flavor is mild and delicate. Comfortingly warm, not hot. Fruity, almost apple-cinnamon, floral, and like nectar but only mildly sweet. Its aroma is equally distinctive, with hints of floral and citrus complementing the warm-spicy notes.

• Perfect for sprinkling onto or into porridge
• Add to baking recipes such as apple and cinnamon muffins
• Create authentic Morrocan cuisine by adding a touch of warming cinnamon
• Add to warm milky drinks such as chai latte, hot chocolate, or eggnog
• Add a touch to chocolate smoothie bowls along with nut butter

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